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Episode #1 Kicks Off on... 28th Nov 18 Weekly Wednesdays 10am aedt 1am UK | Tuesdays 8pm est 


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Episode 1 on Wed 28th Nov

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Marina Meier

Episode 2 on Wed 5th Dec

Marina Meier is an internationally recognised photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland. 

She has been creating portraits of everyday people for more than 17 years. 

In 2014 she moved to Brisbane from Germany and decided to redefine the meaning of photography for herself decided to specialise in Boudoir Photography which allows me to capture the wonderful journey of self-love. 

By creating intimate portraits she is helping her clients to see their own beauty and feel good in their own skin. 

In 2018 Marina started a project called Naked Face Photography Project. The Naked Face Photography Project is on a mission to create a new standard of beauty nurturing natural beauty. 

Raw and honest. No makeup, no filters, no editing, no artificial colours but pure organic beauty.

Annie Schiffmann

Episode 2 on Wed 12th Dec

Annie Schiffmann (Chief Content Officer, founder) is a former actress and professional improviser.  

Annie is the social media specialist for SMART Growth Marketing based out of Orlando, FL. She has worked with the Off-Broadway and nationally touring cult favorite Broadway's Next Hit Musical since 2015. Recently, she worked on the international premier of the play The Loser Letters. She consulted for author and actor Greg Triggs on his book launch for The Happiest Place on Earth. Annie Schiffmann has also been a contributor and jack-of-all trades for the theater startup where she got to interview Tony Award-winning producers and actors as well as international pop star Ben Folds.  

Annie Schiffmann is also an award-winning improviser who has travelled throughout the world with Chicago City Limits and Broadway's Next Hit Musical, and many others.  

She is married to actor and musician Rob Schiffmann and has two children with Beatles-themed names that she has brainwashed to like musical theater.

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About Sally...

Sally Sparks-Cousins is on a mission to empower females to find their "Inner Sparkle"​ passion and then to use it to build a business that can be tailored around their lifestyles.  

A communication design and marketing funnel specialist and small business consultant, Sally has a passion for educating women in business and female entrepreneurs, helping them create revenue stream so they can truely live the life they deserve.  

Sally identifies as a intuitive empath clairsentient & uses these spiritual abilities to help female up and coming entrepreneurs to truely find their Inner Sparkle. She has the miraculous talent of being able to see in them, what they cannot see themselves.  

If you are trying to find yourself and not sure where to look, then join Sally and see her astonishing gift in action in a 1:1 inner sparkle discovery call. She has helped hundreds of women identify their true gifts and genius zone and educated them on how they can turn it into an income generating profession.  

Sally's marketing and business building strategies are established around a "taking action"​ attitude, good karma and paying it forward and coming from a place of service first.  

Through her Sparkle Class Academy and online training, Sally equips business women and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to embrace their god given talents and passions, those things they have learnt during their life on the planet, and then taking their knowledge, learning how to share and teach it to others, so they can generate a profitable business.  

Sally has a strong belief that to inspire she needs to lead by example and proves that by rolling up her sleeves and 'getting s#%t done!'​ through imperfect action she is helping women realise their Inner Sparkle and also the power that digital marketing has within their businesses.  

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