Facebook Ads 4 Hour Workshop


Are you struggling with.... Understanding how to use Ad Manager? Calculating your spend budget? Knowing how to target the right interest groups? Facebook Pixel Tracking? How to test your ads? How to choose the right campaign? 

Then Joinme for this 4 hour online training masterclass on Facebook Ads. with Lifetime Replay Access  

Facebook Ad Workshop

In this workshop you will not just learn, but I will be amking you take ACTION and you will build the following...

Your Ideal Client Avatar

Go over your customer base and interests to create your ideal client avatar.

Your Ad Copy

Learn how to write good ad copy using proven marketing strategies and formulas.

Your Opt-In Page

Create high converting opt-in pages to get high conversions on your lead generation.

Custom Audiences

Using your current page like and email lists create custom and look a like audience to market to.

Ad Caimpaign

Build you ad caimpaign from the ground up in Ads Manager, ready to publish and have the leads rolling in.

Tracking Conversions

How to use Facebook pixels to track your conversions.

...and much more  

What have you got to lose?

Right Now You’re Feeling Completely Lost and Overwhelmed By All The Systems, Structures, and Processes Everyone Tells You About.  

You feel completely stuck because you fear that you will not have what it takes to be a successful at Facebook Ads - and you know it could change your life and your business - but you feel completely confused, your questions feel as though they are falling on deaf ears, and to be honest, you just feel lost.  

By Now You’ve...  

...tried doing research of Facebook ad, but keep getting lost.  

…hitting the boost button and got no results.  

...heard about Facebook pixels, but have no idea what it means.  

...know you need to grow your list but not sure how to attract people to you.  

Now You’re Ready to Cut Through the Methods that Don't Work and Finally Rely on a Proven System!  

So, Listen… I'd like to give it to you straight...  

When It Comes To Facebook Ad Strategies - This Workshop is going to give you the skills you need to be successful.  

Everything You Need To Run Facebook Ads in this workshop.

 I Have Experienced Great Success. The Reality Is, It Wasn’t Always This Way. I had never done Facebook Ads before starting my own business.  

I HAD NO IDEA how to run them effectely how to track my conversions what interest group I should be targeting  

But as an educator and a life long learner, I decided to focus my attention on Facebook Ads until I could master the skills needed to be the best I could be.

What I did:

When I wasn’t hustlin’ at in my design, marketing & business consulting job, teaching in schools, studying my masters in education and living the life as a mother and wife - I was spending lots of time and money on online courses, books, podcasts, anything I could get my hands on to learn everything I could about this skill and studied successful people to see what they were doing compared with those who were not.  

I felt unfulfilled in my studies, and I was pursuing a masters degree that left me feeling resentful with all the paperwork and all I wanted to do was help people through education.  

Finally, I found when I started my own company it gave me the chance to teach and inspire people with my knowledge and also change lives at the same time. Running Facebook Ads is a very successful way to intorduce people to my business give me the opportunity to continue to educate and inspire.  

So I took all the pieces I’d learned and started working and practicing until I had a system that I was confident worked. I finally knew EXACTLY how to run Facebook Ads effectively and confidently. How to find people hungry to work with me through the power of Facebook Ads. 

What I did:

After Just A Few Short Months ... MY BUSINESS LOOKED VERY DIFFERENT.  

and I was finally able to feel a sense of accomplishment by being able to get my message out to the masses and help people change their lives by inspiring and sharing my knowledge with them.  


WHY? That’s easy, because I’m looking to create a movement. An elite group of online business owners who are ready  

… to jump out of bed with enthusiasm each day and spread their message to the masses  

… to enjoy the freedom that comes with creating residual income  

… and to start feeling more confident in themselves and what they can do by taking action

What Actual Clients Have To Say About Sally...

"Sally is an amazing person! Her skills that she has learnt is amazing and so helpful for anyone who needs them.  

Sally will let you know what you need to do and will be your cheerleader helping you along the way. Sally will help you when you need it too!  

Sally also does a challenge where she comes live herself 356 days a year. My favourite top she did was 'being yourself' Because there are s many people in this world but there is no one else like you and sometimes it is good to be reminded of that! "

KAYLA HOLLINGSWORTH-TRAVIS Jamberry Nails Independant Consultant 

"Wow! Wow! Wow!  

Yep that's my thoughts just moments after ending this mornings coaching session with Sally Sparks-Cousins.  

If your on the dence about booking a session or utilising Sall's services don't be. Jump on over NOW!  

Today I acheived so much in such a short span of time - the knowledge and wisdom that Sally shares with you is immeasurable - truely!  

I took away so much from this mornings session and not just the things relating to my business and its direction/branding/calendar blocking/ time management but the other important thins like feeling inspired, empowered and prepared to take the next steps whatever they may be.  

Also having actionable tasks and making me accountable to follow through helps for someone like me and it truely is making me more effective in my business.  

Thank you Sally from the bottom of my heart?  

KERRI HUXTABLE Personalised Vinyl Designs with Kerri 

"I want to share with everyone who has been sitting on the fence with regards to one on one coaching with Sally to just do it.  

The marketing side of my business has always been a challenge for me.  

I'm now starting to see the potential of what my healing skills can create for thos who are out there searching.  

Sally I love you so much"


I know that investing your time and money into this training isn't easy...  

I respect that...  

But I'm also SO confident this training will have the power to change everything for you and your business...  

Like it has mine :-)  

So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering you 100% security and protection in knowing your investment is going to work for you within 30 days.  

Join me today, get ready to, immerse yourself in the trainings, ads, copywriting, ask questions, EVERYTHING… see if it works by implementing my training and strategies in your business  

If you take action and implement what your shown and aren’t 100% happy, I will cheerfully refund you in full. I know if you’re an action taker and complete the projects, you’ll will get results...  

And will be attracting new customers to your business in no time :-)  

All that I ask is that you jump inside and take imperfect action and just give it a go for you and your business...

Sound Fair?

Grab your seat TODAY for this Masterclass with Sally...