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Previous Challenge Participants

For as long as I can remember maybe 17 years I have been over weight I have tried every gym an diet I could possibly get my hands on to no success. I started 5:2 diet on the 2nd of January 2018 after reading all the positive feedback I thought why not I’ll try this, an what a fantastic idea it was. 

The wonderful continued support from every single member an the weigh ins on Monday Kept me going an motivated , the more I lost the more I wanted to keep going, an the more I lost I started to feel better about my self an start to love me again which I hadn’t for quite a long time, any questions or unsure of anything the members are there to help an they motivate you to keep going ! I can’t thank every body enough this has completely changed my life an I will continue the 5:2 way . 

To date I have lost 23.4 kgs in 13 an a half weeks never in a million years did I think I could do it. My body is better for it.

Melissa - Jan 2018 Group

I’ve tried every diet under the sun and started but was not motivated to continue with 5:2 last year despite seeing the amazing results people can achieve and the wonderful health benefits that come with this way of life. 

I decided to join the 12 week challenge and see whether it would help me to stay on track. What I wasn’t expecting was the huge amount of support I would receive from other participants. Any time of night or day, if my motivation dipped, I had dozens of people willing to help me get back on track and encourage me on my journey. 

As a result, I lost 10 kgs over the 12 weeks and feel confident that I can continue to focus and remain motivated on my health and well being. 

Anna - Jan 2018 Group

12 weeks - 13.9kg gone & that’s not even the best bit. 

I have never felt so good while loosing weight before. I’ve never had more energy or such a clear mind. I’m a Mum of 2 & a full time uni student, so I don’t have a lot of spare time or money and I need to be on the ball all the time. 

5:2 - Sparkle 12 week challenge has been supportive & educational. I’m looking forward to the next 12 weeks with this fantastic group.

Kylie - Jan 2018 Group

I’ve lost 11.6 kilos in 12 weeks. 

I work a sedentary job as a receptionist and did barely any exercise in that 12 weeks. I had 2 fast days a week which were usually between 300 and 600 calories and lost almost 12 kilos! 

I still ate junk sometimes but started making better food choices as time went on. My water intake went from maybe a glass a day to 2+ litres. 

I have recently been on a 3 month break from fasting due to surgery before Christmas and have been a bit slack for a while due to convenience and ease for my partner and I still hadn’t put the weight back on! I have just recently started fasting again and am 2 weeks in and already seeing positive results yet again! 

I had been struggling with my self confidence and still do, but after yo-yo dieting, taking duromine (weight loss medication that’s basically a stimulant), starving myself, killing myself on the treadmill and doing whatever I could to lose weight I finally found something that works. Something as simple as eating a BUNCH of vegetables and a little bit of chicken twice a week (there’s plenty more meals that’s just one I liked). Nothing drastic, no disgusting foods and no killing my self at the gym. I am now confident enough to join up with a gym again and have even been spotted in the change rooms doing my makeup in just my sports bra and shorts 😱 but seriously the support within the course is also second to none. 

Everyone is encouraging and kind and I would hands down sign up for sparkle 5:2 for life again. Even just for the friends I’ve made. The weight loss of course is fabulous and was my main goal but the community of women is amazing too!

Ashleigh - Oct 2017 Group

A message from Sally Sparks-Cousins 

Have you just discovered the world of 5:2 fasting? or;  

Have you had trouble staying on the 5:2 fast train?  

I feel your pain, I have struggled with my weight all my life and it was not until I was part of a support group that I was successful in maintaining my commitment to 5:2 when I had the support of other people just like me.  

Finding support for your weight-loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure.  

A recent study by researchers at the University of Illinois said being accountable to another person and receiving social support is vital in motivating some women to lose weight and keep it off. Although a number of researchers have cited the importance of personal accountability - such as weighing oneself regularly - to control one's weight, women in the recent weight-loss study said being accountable to others was the critical factor in their success.  

Even if you're highly motivated when you start a weight-loss diet, sticking with it until you reach your goal is a challenge. Losing weight is even more difficult if your friends, spouse or children don't support your efforts. A good way to keep yourself inspired is to connect with other people who are dieting. Successful weight loss is strongly associated with social support, according to Psychology Today.  

I have been running support groups for 5:2 for the past 3 years and have seen amazing results and success for those who remain in the support group well after they reach their goals. Not only have they found the support and accountability, but also they have made life long friends.  

I run the 12 week challenge support groups 4 times a year to help people find support and accountability. They start in January, April, July & October each year. Helping others is a passion of mine and you will find in these groups I give you the support to get started but also the education from all I have learnt over the years. I will share with you what works, how to get into the right mind-set and also what I have seen people struggle with and how to overcome this.  

If you would like join the next challenge and join our next group please complete the registration and I look forward to seeing you in our next group.